"Murder Under a British Moon" By Abigail Keam: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Under A Furtive Moon

Madeline Mona Moon struggled during the Depression; no one wanted to hire a capable and adventurous woman, but her cloudy outlook had a silver lining. She inherited Moon Enterprises, but the codicil required she relocate to Kentucky, live at Moon Manor, and agree all offspring would carry the “Moon” name…no wiggle room! It was a major lifestyle change, but she used her position and new found wealth to improve the working conditions and provide a living wage to all her employees. Along the way, however, kidnappings, mayhem, and murders with domestic and international conspiracies challenged her sensibilities and interfered with her safety, but it’s her engagement to Lord Robert Farley that is the biggest kerfuffle. She must obey legal mandates in order to retain her fortune, so she refused to concede to the demands by Robert’s British solicitors who themselves have centuries-old traditions to maintain now that Robert has succeeded to the position of Duke of Brynelleth. Additionally, Mona’s vast copper interests are prized by the German government who hope to gain lucrative contracts, at any cost, to support their plan of action…conquering the world!

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Murder Under a British Moon
Earns 5+/5 Pinkerton Agents…Intriguing & Clever Gem!

Feelings of both excitement and dread consume Mona as she arrives in England. The voyage was somewhat uneventful, except she was suspicious of the efforts of Herr Ribbentrop to ingratiate himself into the Moon/Farley party. Mona had been warned by FDR’s gentleman undercover agent about German spies becoming more active, and Ribbentrop was on his list. When he was seen at their London hotel talking with men displaying swastikas on their arms, Mona put herself on high alert. But, the staff at Brynelleth is her most immediate concern as their manner contrasts dramatically that of Moon Manor, and they, too, are reticent about this platinum blonde, confidently forceful American. Disappointingly, security at Brynelleth is near non-existent, locks are too old to be effective, thefts are reported, and ghostly apparitions have spooked workers and Mona’s Pinkerton security. But, it’s the threatening note to “Stay Away!”, a breach in security, attempted murder, and a dead man in the road that has Mona elevating to the highest alert.

WOW! Abigail Keam has made the newest Mona Moon mystery the best ever! Set in my favorite “bucket list” destination (England) with dukes and duchesses, mistresses and heiresses, spies and the SS, and plenty of downstairs drama, the story has so much going on to keep any reader, like me, totally engaged. There’s Mona being targeted (again), staff and locals skeptical about this spirited American, thefts, worker complaints, and ghosts…what more could Abigail Keam throw into the mix? She incorporates historical figures to add a fascinating realism: the Vanderbilt sisters, Mrs. Simpson and the Prince of Wales, FDR’s Spymaster William Donovan, Hitter’s confidant Joachim von Ribbentrop. Keam always provides a creative and complex tale with a clever style of writing using descriptive language and witty banter to illustrate well the intrigue, diverse characters, and a 1930s environment. She’ll often include a teaser at the end of a chapter indicating something she knows that you need to keep reading to find out yourself: ”…the moment of one’s triumph is when the Devil comes, and the Devil was on his way.” You sure aren’t going to put the book down now! The historical references, contrast in American and British perspectives, spy vs spy dynamic, upstairs/downstairs friendships, and a trusting relationship between Mona and Robert make this a sure contender for Top Reads of 2022. There’s also a hint the trouble is far from over!

History 101 Delights! A Glossary is included providing additional definition on key terms and phrases, information on events, organizations, and places, and short bios for figures mentioned. I was fascinated by the reference to the Vanderbilt sisters: Viscountess Thelma Furness and her twin [Big] Gloria Vanderbilt. The daughter (Little Gloria), cited as the center of a custody battle, is actually CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s mother and the creative force behind high-end jeans and perfumes. I had a pair of jeans with the signature swan...loved ‘em!

Be a Big Abigail Keam Fan!

Along with this Mona Moon Mystery series, a personal favorite, Abigail Keam pens three other diverse series sure to meet any taste: Last Chance for Love, “an inspirational series where people with problems visit the Last Chance Motel in Key Largo in desperate attempts to change their lives,” Princess Maura Tales Epic Fantasy Series, “a treat for readers who love epic fantasy, sword and sorcery tales mixed with action and a spoonful of supernatural,” and another personal favorite, the Josiah Reynolds Mystery series about “a female beekeeper turned sleuth.” All totally entertaining! 

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