"Bark to the Future" A Chet and Bernie Mystery By Spencer Quinn: Review/Giveaway

Review by Sandra Murphy

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Chet and Bernie, well, Bernie if you want to be technical because he’s the human in the equation, have a new-to-them Porsche. Chet, the dog, rides shotgun. After they take it for a test drive, just checking the speed you know, they head home. At the offramp from the highway, there are several men who offer to wash windshields for spare change.

Bernie is stunned to realize one of them is a guy he went to high school with. The kid’s nickname had been Rocket, for the speed he showed on the ball field, catching what could have been a homer, and saving the game. Now he’s strung-out, skinny, and none to clean, begging.

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Chet and Bernie take Rocket for a good meal. Bernie wants to find a way to help him, but Rocket disappears. In trying to find Rocket, Bernie finds out, what you remember about high school and what really happened are two different things.

Their whole case revolves around a handmade switchblade knife. It was made in high school shop class, was locked away, disappeared, and now, years later, Rocket has it and Bernie ends up with it. There was also an accidental death.

To say more would give away too much of the story. This may be the most complicated case Chet and Bernie have had as every clue leads to more questions and few answers. As always, water is involved in one way or another. Chet’s not sure what an aquifer is, but Bernie worries about it and so therefore, Chet does too.

This is book sixteen in the series. You can start the series anywhere but be advised, you’ll want them all to read again and again. Bark to the Future has a place on my Best of 2022 list already. With Chet as the narrator, how could it not?

Writing under his real name, Peter Abrahams, Spencer Quinn writes the Browser and Birdie series for middle grade readers. He’s also written twenty-two books of international intrigue, including The Right Side, reviewed here. Find him at www.peterabrahams.com/ and in a YouTube interview with People with a Passion for Pets at youtube.com/watch?v=h0-C3v1vFIU.

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