Feral Paws Rescue: Graytone, Muffin and Kittee

By Lupe Gore, Feral Paws Adopter/Board Member

Feral Paws Rescue has always been committed to save those kitties who are special or who have special needs: the seniors, the mothers in the shelters with kittens, and those with disabilities. In this article, I would like you to meet three of them recently rescued by Feral Paws. These kitties are all visually impaired.

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Graytone and Muffin were recently saved separately from the Central California SPCA. They were both owner-surrendered. Graytone is a very friendly young adult male, all gray and quite handsome. Muffin is a beautiful black and white juvenile, and she is also very outgoing and friendly. Both are housed together at the Rescue, along with another cat who is blind. It is possible that both Graytone and Muffin do have some peripheral vision or see “shadows” as they are always at the door to their little house when someone approaches to feed them and aren’t at all hesitant to be held.

Kittee is a three-month-old tabby kitten who was surrendered to the office of the Rescue veterinarian last month. She is not only visually impaired but suffering from an upper respiratory infection (URI) and currently on medication. At this time, she is in foster care, and her caregiver says she is the sweetest little girl, loving to be held, always purring, and takes her medicine willingly. She is kenneled while in foster care while she gets well and likes to play with some small toys. Hopefully her sight isn’t entirely lost, and she can regain some of it back as she recovers from the URI.  

According to veterinary experts, many things can cause blindness in kitties. Some kittens never have full vision for a day in their lives. Others lose their vision very early on. In some cases, blindness is hereditary. In others, vision problems are related to injury or eye infection. Most commonly, many believe blindness will result from untreated eye infections which can be caused by injuries or foreign objects such as dirt or sand in the eyes especially when the kitten is very small as well as the overall environment they are born into. Viral and bacterial infections are very common causes, too. icatcare.org/advice/blindness

Some cats who are “blind” can still see shadows and light, also relying on their other senses such as smell and touch to know when someone is near and where their food and litter pans are. They can easily adjust to their indoor surroundings.

Whatever has caused Graytone, Muffin, and Kittee to have visual issues, they are still deserving of a lot of love and having a life to live. It has always been the mission of Feral Paws Rescue to “leave no cat behind” when saving them from high-kill shelters and providing them with the best care possible, whether they remain at the Rescue or find a forever loving home elsewhere.

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