"The Game is a Footnote" A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery By Vicki Delany: Review/Giveaway

Review by Cynthia Chow

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Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium owner Gemma Doyle has rightfully earned a reputation for using her acute observation skills to form equally brilliant conclusions. While it has helped to solve crimes that the West London, Massachusetts, police cannot, Gemma is now being asked to solve a far more unusual mystery. The mother of Jayne Wilson, who co-owns with Gemma their Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Room, is seeking their help in investigating the haunting of the Historic Society’s Scarlet House. Committee members have been reporting a series of missing and rearranged items, with most of the hijinks occurring at night. While Gemma and Jayne immediately conclude that culprits are more likely to be prankers than spooks, they are persuaded into being reluctant ghostbusters and spending the night in West London’s oldest home. It’s not an ectoplasmic spook whom Gemma stumbles across, though, but the very corporal corpse of one of the volunteers.

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Gemma’s nemesis Detective Louise Estrada refuses to admit that the amateur detective has any justification for meddling in the homicide case, and while not entirely wrong, no one doubts that Gemma will indeed investigate. When not spotting the clues that indicate which customer has just reunited with her spouse, Gemma will be locked in a farm, face hangry farm pigs, and be threatened by a killer as she solves the mystery of the homicidal haunting. A former pop star looking to buy the Scarlet House, a missing bookshop assistant, and the arrival of Gemma’s equally brilliant family member have Gemma putting all of her brain’s gray cells to the test before she herself becomes a ghost.

This eighth in the series is a charming delight for fans of Sherlock Holmes and country cozy mysteries. Scenes depicting Gemma’s skills at connecting the dots from the few clues she sees are always a highlight of these novels, as is her justifiable confidence in her intelligence. Even more entertaining is when the one person who challenges her intellect arrives in town and Gemma is caught off-guard, and for once she is not the only one hoarding all of the information. Gemma’s dogs are on hand to be their usual adorable selves, while her boyfriend is off reluctantly spending time with his father. Despite Gemma’s intellect she rarely displays a condescending attitude towards others although she does admit to an impatience with superficialities that is often hilarious and enviable. A final confrontation with the killer leads to a rescue by a surprising savior, but perhaps it shouldn’t actually be that unexpected. Gemma and Jayne continue to be a clever and very engaging Holmes-and-Watson detecting duo with their friendship as strong as their detecting capabilities. This is another winning mystery by the prolific author who places her own modern twist on the classic mystery genre.

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  1. Read this already. It is good. I recommend
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  2. How have I missed this series? I love Vicki Delaney and can't wait to read this series

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  7. I love Vicki Delaney's books. Can't wait to read the newest.

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  12. We have a winner!
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