Rattie Ratz: Lady, Noodle, and Pauline

 By Daria Filimonova

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This is the story of how two young ratties found a loving home with adopter Pauline.

Pauline did not have any experience owning rats before adopting from Rattie Ratz, in fact, she had not owned any small animals up until adopting the pair of girls in January of this year. However, Pauline tells me that she did have some exposure to rats as pets which actually made her consider adopting her own. Pauline had a friend that owned two rats, June Bug and Luna, that she frequently met and played with. Pauline recalls that she thought that the girls were sweet, playful, and cuddly. “After spending time with June Bug and Luna, I became attached to the small animals and saw having some rats as companions in my future,” Pauline notes. Many people tend to not think of rats as pets until gaining some exposure to their personalities, and then it’s hard not to fall in love with the small creatures!

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Lady (berkshire) and Noodle (hooded)
And so, Pauline did what any responsible pet parent would do and began to research. It is always best to do research about how to properly take care of an animal you are adopting and what their needs will be, and Pauline found that she had to do a lot of searching to find resources to help her understand what it takes to have rats as pets. In search of great resources through the internet, she stumbled upon Rattie Ratz. Rattie Ratz is a fantastic resource for future rat owners, and Pauline described that she was able to email the rescue with her questions. Rattie Ratz helped her find answers and shared resource links to more information. Pauline says that she applied to adopt a pair of rats through Rattie Ratz, and then a month or so later, she went to one of the in-person events the rescue hosts and got to take home her two new girls, and also meet their siblings!

Since January, the pair have lived happily with Pauline. Now named Lady and Noodle, the two girls had a smooth adoption process. Pauline attributes that to the work of their foster mom, Chris, who she says did a wonderful job at socializing the pair and getting them used to being handled. Lady and Noodle were already easy to handle when Pauline brought them home, and Pauline notes that the girls loved to climb on shoulders. The girls were just three months old at the time so it did take them a little to adjust to their new surroundings and be brave enough to wander. “At first when we would open the cage for them to roam, they were pretty cautious and liked to hang out at the top of the cage and look around instead of roaming the floors,” Pauline remembers. 

Lady enjoying a healthy snack.

Lady and Noodle have been at their forever home for six months now and have really come out of their shells. Originally, Pauline and her family had first thought that Lady was shy and that Noodle would be the curious one, but Lady surprised them! “Our first impressions of the two were not quite true to their personalities!” Pauline says that Lady is now the one that likes to take risks and describes how Lady likes to show off her climbing skills by escaping her playpen. “She will attempt many jumps and keeps trying until she gets it,” Pauline explains. 

Noodle on the other hand is apparently still the curious soul but more of a cuddle bug than her sister. Pauline admits that neither of the girls will stay in her arms for long, though, “they both try to leave my arms as soon as I pick them up to hug them!” After six months at home, the pair is now familiar with their surroundings and roam about comfortably. Pauline has also endeavored to teach them some tricks. “Lady can do little spins for a cheerio. Noodle is struggling, but we'll get there,” Pauline writes, “I think they know their names now and know when I am calling for them to come to me, but I think I still need to train them with more oats or cheerios perhaps.”

Noodle free-roaming and plotting new antics

Pauline also has some advice to give for new rat owners: “I would say to spend lots of time with them. In an area where they have some space but can't really hide underneath anything too big. Try to teach them some tricks and get them to know their names, or just get to know them!” She also notes that anyone with rats should make sure to provide their small friends with chew toys and other enrichment. 

When asked about the best part about having rats, Pauline says that there are a lot of positives but her favorite part is seeing them be comfortable at home. “I honestly just love coming home to them. When I get home they're usually just waking up and they have the cutest little drowsy faces. It also warms my heart to see them sleeping in the hammocks I make them, and I think they can tell when I need a hug because they (mostly Noodle) will let me hold and pet her when I've had a hard day,” Pauline writes. Any rat owner would agree that it is such a joy to see your little companions day to day. Rats are entertaining and loving animals that are sure to make you feel joy just by being themselves.

Lastly, Pauline was asked what part of owning rats has been challenging. In her experience, the challenge that popped up that she did not expect is how long it takes to clean their cage and play area. Pauline says that in between taking everything apart, cleaning, and doing laundry, it takes her a very long time to clean the area. On the bright side, though, Pauline notes that it is fun to watch Lady and Noodle re-explore their fresh set up each week. Additionally, Pauline points out that rats have a mind of their own, and though you can’t blame them for it, they do get into a bit of trouble! “When we let them free roam, they like to hide in places they shouldn't and places we didn't even think they could get into. Noodle was the first to get inside of our couch, but with a few taps and calls she came back out.” Despite Noodle’s antics, Pauline and her family still let the girls roam around, but now they just try to keep an “eagle eye” on them. In conclusion, it seems that Lady and Noodle are doing exceptionally well in their forever home!

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