Rattie Ratz: Charming the Skeptics: The Story of Remy and Jax

By Stephanie Cameron

Every year, Rattie Ratz Rescue receives requests for help for pet rats that have been found abandoned. In 2022 the rescue received a most upsetting notice of four adult rats left in a small cage in an abandoned apartment. Luckily the rats were found in time by a good Samaritan. To learn more about the details of this rescue, and the adoption story of three babies that also came from this group, you can check out the Rattie Ratz June column: Rattie Ratz: From Discarded to Devoted, The Story of Bean, Cheese & Chip.

Today we will be featuring Remy and Jax, the brothers of Bean, Cheese, and Chip. 

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Hugh Hynes and his daughter Roxy decided it was time to bring some young rats into their home. Hugh had owned rats in the past, and although it had been quite a while, he knew he wanted to share the experience with his children. Hugh and Roxy adopted two baby boys in January 2023 after a friend recommended Rattie Ratz. 

Remy and Jax
In the short time the boys have joined them they have become a wonderful addition to the family; their endearing antics having melted the hearts of their human caretakers – as well as a few folks who were skeptical about how amazing pet rats can be!

The below is a recounting from Hugh of what it was like bringing the boys home and spending the last half year with them, and all the ups and downs that came along:

After adopting our two rat brothers - Remy & Jax - just over five months ago, they have become integral parts of our family. While we were excited to welcome them into our home, we didn’t quite realize how engaging and active they would be, and how we would want to spend every available minute playing with them and enjoying their general kookiness. They are just so affectionate and interactive, and really want to spend as much time with us as we do with them.

While the two brothers were extremely loving at first, when they started to grow around two months of age, unfortunately the hormones started to kick in and there was quite a bit of aggression and fighting between the two, that didn’t seem to improve. We separated them until we were able to schedule a neutering - shout out to the amazing folks at ARK veterinary clinic in Antioch!

After waiting a number of weeks for the effects to subside, we tried to integrate them back together in their favorite neutral free-play turf, AKA our living room couch. Unfortunately, this didn’t go so well, but after getting some fantastic advice from Jennifer at Rattie Ratz on the carrier technique, their aggression seemed to be subdued. In a matter of days, they were back to sleeping on top of each other, grooming and snuggling away. Although there seem to be a couple of small spars between them, it’s been vastly better than it was. 

It’s been really interesting to see how the two brothers have developed their own personalities. Jax (the black Berkshire) is a passionate burrower and general snuggle bug, while Remy (white & black hood) is more adventurous and likes to launch himself at people’s shoulders and tummies (see photo). 

One thing that’s been surprising is how quickly friends and family have come to love them also. Even the biggest rat skeptics have been won over by their cuteness, energy, and overall charm.

We hope you enjoyed hearing their story and we’re so glad to have the opportunity to share this with other people.

Rattie Ratz sends a big thank you to Hugh and Roxy for their loving dedication to Remy and Jax, and we can’t wait to see what new antics the boys get up to!

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