Rattie Ratz: Casey & Cookie, A Joyful Addition to a Rat-Loving Family

By Daria Filimonova

Casey and Cookie, two hooded young girls
In November 2022, two adorable, hooded rat girls came into the world. Born into a Rattie Ratz foster home, these two sisters became available for adoption in December of the same year. Anton and his family, who had a fondness for rats, were thrilled to find the perfect companions.

Anton's journey as a rat owner began outside the United States. In their home country, Anton and his family had a male rat affectionately named Kofeyok, a diminutive form of "coffee" in Anton's home language. Kofeyok was more than just a pet, he was a cherished member of their family.

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When Anton and his family moved to the United States, their hearts still held a special place for rats. The memory of Kofeyok inspired them to bring a rat into their family once more. Anton reached out to Rattie Ratz to adopt a companion, and they offered two adorable young girls to join the family. Adopting rats in pairs or more is recommended because they thrive in same-sex groups. Anton and his family successfully completed the adoption process, and the new rats were promptly named Casey and Cookie by Anton's children.
Kofeyok, the family's first rat

The family was excited to welcome these two furry additions into their lives. "Our family was happy to have new family members," says Anton. He tells Rattie Ratz that the rats wasted no time adapting to their surroundings and forming bonds with the children.

Life with their new family for Casey and Cookie has been a delight. Anton says the rats are doing well, showered with love and care. "They are different in character," he writes, and elaborates that each rat has their own preferences. Casey is the rat who adores human hands and eagerly seeks them out. Cookie, on the other hand, has a penchant for cozy hammocks and blankets, relishing in the warmth and comfort they provide.

Anton reveals why his family adores having rats, saying, "We like rats as pets for the reason that they are very sociable, friendly, inquisitive, and it is interesting to spend time with them." Spending time with Casey and Cookie is not only enjoyable but also enriching. The rats have become true companions, always curious about their surroundings and eager to engage with their human family.

For those considering bringing rats into their lives, Anton and his family have some valuable advice to share. "Our advice to new rat owners is to spend enough time with your pets, make sure they have a cozy home, and rats love toys to chew on and drag around the cage," says Anton. So, for any first-time rat owners, remember the following: first and foremost, dedicate quality time to your furry companions.

Rats thrive on interaction and affection, and the bonds you form will be deeply rewarding. Creating a cozy home environment is also essential, as rats appreciate a comfortable space to call their own. Additionally, rats love toys that they can chew on and play with in their cage, providing both mental stimulation and physical activity.

Casey and Cookie enjoying a treat in their forever home

In closing, this family extends heartfelt gratitude to Rattie Ratz for bringing Casey and Cookie into their lives. These two little hooded girls have filled their home with joy, love, and countless cherished memories. As they continue their journey together, they hope that their story will inspire others to discover the wonderful world of rat companionship. Anton sums it up beautifully, saying, "Thank you very much for our beloved pets."

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