"Secret Inheritance" by Hazel Smith: Review/Giveaway

Review by Tracy Condie

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No, April May, you are not in Chicago anymore.

Meet April May, a former fashion journalist from Chicago who finds herself in a small town where not having rubber boots is a fashion faux pas. April has inherited lakefront property and a mysterious family heirloom, and that is but one of the many mysteries found within this cozy mystery. As April goes around the old and somewhat unsightly house looking for said heirloom that is to be passed down to the oldest child of the oldest child, she comes upon threatening letters signed by L” and addressed to E.” She assumes E” to be her grandmother Ellen Rowberry, a grandmother whom she never met. The only thing that April is able to deduce is that Ellen was an avid gardener.

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April’s first local encounter is with a very sick Boxer, as in canine, which leads to a meeting with the very handsome Wesley, the town veterinarian. Wesley manages to convince April, a confirmed cat person, to foster the large dog after treating him for possible plant poisoning. From muddy stray to Ralph Lauren namesake (she named the dog Ralph), April now has a dog to take care of along with renovating an old house, looking for a lost heirloom, and getting to the bottom of those mysterious letters.

As with most small and cozy towns, it seems like everyone who April meets knows that she is Ellen’s granddaughter. Some have kind things to say about Ellen, but then there is Isaac, the owner of Main Street Market, the only grocery store in town. There seems to be some anger issues stemming from past peccadillos involving Ellen, Isaac, and Isaac’s twin brother Reuben.

Thank goodness there is a dog-friendly cafĂ© with the best butterscotch muffins and lemon drizzle cake in town owned and operated by Josephine. With each new introduction, April finds herself looking for the mysterious L”, since Officer Greenley (aka just call me Kate) is at a loss as to how to proceed with the mysterious letters that could mean nothing. Or they could mean quite a bit—Isaac and Reuben also get mysterious letters with a single initial, and people end up in the hospital.

April is befriended by Lucy, the local librarian, who suggests that April attend the croquet club to meet some people and get some answers. And so, starts a wonderful friendship, after all, every good sleuth needs friends. There is plenty to research, from town history to search history, and then there are the searches for Huntsley & Dean, a development company. Many believe that the company is messing with the lake water in order to ruin the town so they can purchase it for a pittance and develop it into something that is not cozy. Are these mysteries related, maybe, maybe not?

The clues are well laid as are the red herrings, and while I figured out both the who and the why, I did not figure out the what. One last thing, I can attest that the recipe at the conclusion of the story makes a very tasty Lemon Drizzle Cake, which means that the only mystery remaining is the whereabouts of the recipe for those butterscotch muffins.

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  1. Sounds like a good book. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. We have a winner!
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  3. We have a winner!
    Lorie Ham


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