More Mystery Manga Reviews: "Manner of Death" Vol 2/"The Geek Ex-Hitman" Vol 1

Reviews by Lorie Lewis Ham

As I finish up my latest batch of mystery manga reviews from Yen Press, these two are two of my favorites! Manner of Death Vol 2, and The Geek Ex-Hitman Vol 1 (which isn’t technically a mystery but having a former hitman as the main character gives it a touch of mystery).

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Manner of Death Vol 2

Amazon description: Bunnakit, a coroner investigating a murder case, and Tan, the man who was his prime suspect―they have formed an unlikely alliance out of both necessity and passion. But though the two are drawn to each other, more danger awaits them than ever before, and each man has his own hidden motives. When the bodies start piling up, Bun and Tan must race to find the truth, all the while coming to terms with how they really feel about each other…Will their love survive this ultimate test?

Vol 1 of Manner of Death introduced the original murder of a woman who “supposedly” hung herself, but Bunnakit is pressured to rule the death a suicide. This murder brings the pair together.

This story was filled with so many twists and turns it was a little hard to keep up sometimes, but it was well worth the effort. In this volume, we get to meet Bun’s overachieving brother Boon who has come to look for him after Bun goes missing, and who ends up helping the pair solve the murders (as now someone else has been killed as well) and catch the bad guys. While we get a resolution to most of the original mystery, there are a few strings left hanging at the end, and sadly this is the final book. However, we do get a resolution to Tan and Bun’s relationship.

If you enjoy a mystery with plenty of twists and turns, and a little bit of spice, Manner of Death Vol 1 and 2 are for you!

Manner of Death volumes 1 and 2 are a bit different from most of the manga I have read as they are set in Thailand instead of Japan and are actually called manhwa instead of manga, though they read the same. This is actually an adaption by Yukari Umemoto of an original story and Thai TV series by Sammon.

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The Geek Ex-Hitman
Vol 1 by Ko-dai

Amazon description: In his life as a hitman, Marco never failed to eliminate his targets. Known throughout Italy as “The Oracle of Florence,” he made a name for himself executing his missions quickly and silently, with no hesitation. However, one day, in the course of his work, he comes upon a remarkably cute figurine that will change his life forever! Determined to track down the source of such a charming visage, he leaves Italy behind to immerse himself in the world of anime, manga, and games! But his departure ruffles more than a few feathers, and now, with a bounty on his head, Marco can’t let his guard down just yet...

I absolutely LOVED this. The contrast of a former Italian hitman who becomes an otaku is hilarious and wonderful! Now instead of pursuing his targets, he pursues tickets to the latest anime con, new figures, and the latest manga. If you are looking for a manga that is just plain fun and very unique, don’t miss this one. Vol 2 came out in 2022 as well, and Vol 3 in December of 2023—I just got both in the mail so watch for those reviews sometime soon!

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