"My Old Kentucky Homicide" By Gin Jones: Review/Giveaway

Review by Tracy Condie

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While this new series is off to a great start, the same cannot be said of the Bourbon B&B. Probate lawyer Jess Walker goes back home to Cooperton, Kentucky to meet and celebrate her nephew Jonah’s third birthday. You see Jess left home for college at 18, didn’t look back, and very rarely went back. Her two sisters CJ and Emma grew up just fine without her constant nagging and Debbie Downer attitude, right? Unbeknownst to Jess, this is a working vacation with Jess playing B&B host, making breakfast, and making a plan to find a killer––not the family reunion she was planning on.

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I found this cozy compelling because of the sisters’ interactions. I am an only child so I cannot relate to sibling rivalry or birth order, but these characters do which draws you in on an emotional level. CJ and Em were not completely honest with Jess about the B&B, starting with its name: The Three Sisters B&B. Hmmm. Jess lives and works in DC so how can there be three sisters at the B&B? Then there is the surprise secret evaluation being conducted by the tourism co-op as a part of the application process which CJ and Em knew about before they invited Jess down for the weekend.

Needless to say, tempers flare and accusations abound. Seems like these three aren’t going to be able to get along unless it is over someone’s dead body. Oh yeah, and there is a dead body. One of the guests, Mark Pleasant, is anything but., Rather, he is a demanding older man who complains about a headache but still goes on the bourbon barrel tour at Hills’ Barrels. He more or less demands that Jess accompany the group. The only good part of that experience for Jess is meeting the attractive and single owner of Hills’ Barrels, Reed Hill. It is easy to see that those two are going to get along just fine; pity that Jess is only going to be in town for the weekend. But Jess and the rest of the guests do not have to endure Mark’s company for long because during his nap on the return trip, he dies. Wow, sounds like a heart attack, right, or maybe something similar? He’d been complaining about a migraine and seemed unsteady on his feet but was otherwise healthy. Was it natural causes or something more sinister? Either way, Jess must do what she can as the family fixer to make sure that the B&B comes out unscathed for the sake of her sisters and nephew Noah.

There are plenty of suspects, some more obnoxious than the victim, and some well-laid red herrings. This was a well-executed mystery with a little fun, a little seriousness, a little romance, and a most interesting sounding dish. I had to look up the recipe for burgoo and now I want to try my hand at making it. I look forward to the next Bourbon B&B mystery.

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  1. Just visited My Old Kentucky Home last fall. Would really like to read the a book featuring My Old Kentucky Home.

  2. I am a big fan of Gin Jones and her writing. Gin’s characters are always realistic and easily identifiable; her plots are intriguing to follow with a surprise reveal; and she sets her work new in interesting places with fascinating side information. This new series seems perfect! Looking forward to this. Kathleen Costa kat8762(at)aol(dot)com

  3. We have a winner!
    Lorie Ham


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