"Bless Your Heart" By Lindy Ryan: Review/Giveaway

Review by Cynthia Chow

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In 1999 Texas three generations of women run the family business that Grace Evans likens to a beauty salon, where clients are pampered and get a new look. Of course, the Evans Funeral Parlor normally deals with customers who are a little more passive, and while still needing a new outfit and hairstyle their customers are quite dead. Or at least they should be, as their latest deceased client Mina Jean Murphy has just sat up and attempted to rip the throats out of every living being in sight. They had thought they were past this period of monster-hunting, even though 80-something Ducey Evans, her daughter Grace, and granddaughter Lenore have spent their lives aware of and fighting the undead who have plagued their town. Strigoi are the original undead ghouls, horrific creatures that can turn the living after being invited in.

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While Ducey, Lenore, and Grace have grown up with their family mission, they have yet to share this burden with Grace’s 15-year-old daughter Luna. It’s something she becomes aware of in the most shocking of ways after Mina rises and turns into a mindless bloodsucker. It’s only the start of a string of missing persons and homicidal Strigois though, and the women find themselves having to assist the unprepared law enforcement before more of their neighbors become predators and prey.

While readers might be expecting a paranormal mystery in a similar vein (hah, sorry) to Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series, this debut novel is a bit gorier while also focusing on the relationship drama between the four generations of women. While the premise of three Women of a Certain Age monster hunters could lean into being overly humorous or absurd, the Evans family are written so real and their characters so well developed that the threats seem genuine with dire repercussions. Luna is experiencing the normal emotional turmoil of teenage romance, but one of her suitors may be something more than just a broody, angsty teen. Her reliable boyfriend Andy has not been responding to her texts, while new kid Crane Campbell had to leave his school in Colorado after being suspected of being one of the Trenchcoat Mafia associated with the horrific events of Columbine.

The tragic fates of the men in their lives looms over all the women, and as it’s slowly revealed readers will be drawn in further and incredibly invested in the Evans family future. The mythology is solid as the rules are laid out clearly and the stakes (sorry, again) feel very real as the women band together to protect one another while still dealing with the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters. This is an entertaining and very compelling entry that stands out in the extremely popular genre of paranormal mysteries.

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