Feral Paws Rescue: The Transformation of Buttons

by Lupe Gore

This month we’re going to introduce you to a very special cat here at Feral Paws Rescue––a cat with a very unusual history.

Buttons is a gorgeous, declawed gray-and-white, medium-hair Manx who is approximately twelve years old. Buttons was originally adopted from the CCSPCA (Fresno) and had a good home for a while. But Buttons, who was born a male, had a series of blockages from Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) which required constant medical care and these numerous veterinary visits became quite costly for Button’s owner. So after a while, Buttons was returned to the CCSPCA to be euthanized if a rescue didn’t step up and save him. Of course, Feral Paws Rescue couldn’t see Buttons’ life end there and knew Buttons needed a chance at a long life.

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After saving Buttons, the Rescue took him to their veterinarian. He determined the only way to stop these blockages was to do a surgical procedure called a Perineal Urethrostomy, which essentially transformed Buttons from a “he” to a “she.” In this procedure, the penis is removed, and the cat is totally castrated. Since having this procedure and transformation, Buttons no longer has any issues with UTIs.

Buttons has now been with Feral Paws Rescue for several years and has become a permanent resident. She comes and goes between the main house and the outdoors when the weather is warm but prefers to be inside where she can get lots of love and attention. Buttons likes to sleep on a certain piece of furniture, a wooden bench with a soft pad and cushions on it. She also has a voracious appetite for various kinds of wet cat food and will let you know immediately when she wakes up from a nap that she wants to be fed. One of her favorite ways of communicating this is by meowing loudly (with that deep meow from being a male) and doing some head-butts against the face of whoever is sitting down close to her favorite bench.  Once she is finished eating and happy, she is ready for another nap, but not before giving you a hug of gratitude! Buttons doesn’t have any medical issues now; however, as she has aged, she has a mild arthritic condition, so she is kept as warm as possible. During the winter months, her favorite pastime was to sleep in front of the fireplace.

Every day we at Feral Paws Rescue marvel at this beautiful cat and the extension of life we were able to provide her, in large part due to our beloved Rescue Veterinarian. We cannot thank him enough for saving her and giving us these awesome years with her. This is what rescue is all about!

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