Fresno Bully Rescue: Mother’s Day For Franny

By Terese Shaw

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Every May families spend a day celebrating the special mothers in their lives. Being a dog mama to a shelter dog is a special kind of Mother's Day. On that note, we would like to celebrate our special mother at FBR, Franny.

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Franny originally came to us through Kerman animal services in October 2021. Just a few days into her stay with us, we discovered that she was pregnant. Fortunately, we had a wonderful foster willing to care for her and her soon to be nine babies born 12/29/21. All puppies eventually found their own forever homes, leaving Franny to come back to FBR, ready to find a home of her own. 

Franny is six years old, medium sized, low to medium energy and wonderful walk. Being sweet, silly, keen to learn and her cute happy boogie dance are just a few things about Franny that you'll love. Her enchanting eyes, watching her cuddle with her toys and giving the best high-fives also add to her irresistible cuteness. She's super fun when it comes to dressing up for holidays, being patient and letting us turn her into the cutest little valentine and one of a kind Christmas angel. She won't care when you've had a bad day, or if you just want to hang out in your yoga pants. All she cares about is making you smile and offering you endless love. Three and a half years is a long enough wait for our wonderful girl, let's make her Mother's Day happen now.

So, if you're looking for the love of your life, a new baby and best friend, all rolled into one, Franny is the one. She would love to have her own dog mom, to be someone's child only being that of the furry sort. 

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