"Museum of Murder" By Leslie Langtry: Review/Giveaway

Review by Tracy Condie

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This review is about book 30, that’s right, book 30 of the Merry Wrath Mystery series and it is all about murder, an entire museum dedicated to the murders that have taken place in Who’s There, Iowa over the last eight years. Incidentally, that makes the town one of the most murderous cozy towns in the state. The townsfolk view this as a badge of honor, which I see as quirky. All those murders have one thing in common besides their location: Merry Wrath Ferguson, former CIA operative and current Girl Scout leader. Talk about being in the wrong places at the wrong times.

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In case you haven’t already guessed, this is not your run-of-the-mill cozy. It is definitely a quirky cozy with an unbelievable cast of characters. Merry, her police detective husband Rex, and Merry’s BFF Kelly are the most normal of the group. The girl scouts are a little intimidating. Four of them are named Kaitlyn, they look exactly alike, and seem to operate on a hive-mind system. They are described as a group of girls who could quite easily take over a small country. In addition to the rather unique scouts, we meet one of Merry’s former work friends, Hilly, who is an assassin with an affinity for dumpsters and an unusual way of talking about her job duties aka “wet work.” I am not even going to try and explain the relationship that Merry has with Rex’s very pregnant twin sisters or their Chechen husbands who are more of the muscle-for-brains types.

The Who’s There Museum of Murder is being funded by an anonymous donor but everyone knows the donor is the reclusive billionaire Sheldon McBride, local boy genius credited with creating a car that ran on a hybrid ethanol. Before the museum can officially open to a sold-out crowd, said billionaire becomes part of the first exhibit. He replaces the mannequin-victim who was hit by Merry’s car. Yes, the same car which Merry sold years ago after the vehicular homicide is part of the exhibit and appears to have been used again as the murder weapon. Not only was the museum locked but there really isn’t enough room to run someone down on the inside without running over the other exhibits.

You will be snickering, chortling, and rolling on the floor with the turning of each page. I am not sure what was more entertaining, Merry’s reactions to the Murder Museum exhibits or the girl scout marketing geniuses who wasted no time in capitalizing on the chaos. In the midst of this chaos, Merry must help the girls plan for the Thinking Day Project, help to keep the museum open, and be there for her sisters-in-law’s baby deliveries. Book 30 was my starting point for this series but it won’t be the last Merry Wrath Mystery I read.

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