"Road Trips, Blue Skies & Dead Guys" By Jennifer Fischetto: Review/Giveaway

Review by Tracy Condie

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This is book ten of the Gianna Mancini series but only book one for me. I knew by the end of the first chapter that I would be adding this series to my TBR list if for no other reason than that Gianna is the personality type I adore for a cozy character––one who truly enjoys food and has just the right amount of sassiness to balance out being a really caring sleuth. Not only does she care for her nice traditional Italian family, but also for the ghosts she helps by solving their mysterious deaths which allows them to cross over to the great beyond via the freezer located in the family deli. Gianna had an accident as a kid that enables her to see and communicate with the dearly departed or in most cases, the killed and departed. Gianna’s particular talent is no biggie to her family, including her fiancĂ© Julian, but her mother’s unusual collection of items, referred to as murderabilia, now that is a bit out there.

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This brings us to the ghost in this story, Betty, aka Elizabeth Spindle, who is a bit surly, but then again, she was pushed down a flight of stairs. She is glued to a Tiffany-blue bowler bag that is plain, simple, and stunning. Well maybe not glued so much as stubbornly obsessed with the one-of-a-kind Conrad Blain original that she won at Purse Bingo and then followed across state lines after her murder. Turns out that Betty wasn’t the only one who coveted the bag, and she is sure her friend Agnes pushed her down the stairs to get it. It seems only Betty knows about the push because the cops in her hometown of Chance, Massachusetts ruled her death as an accident. Gianna can’t live with the idea of Betty being destined to wander forever, or for a murderer to walk around free, so she decides it is time for a road trip. Gianna’s police brother Enzo and their mom decide to go with her.

Author Jennifer Fischetto has a great sense of humor and imagination to come up with Karma Cuts for a salon and Fortune Diner for a local eatery, two of the places Gianna goes looking for clues. For as much as Betty wants to blame Agnes, there are other suspects to be considered, from a kleptomaniac lawyer to the niece who sold the purse, and a few other interesting individuals in between.

There is so much quirkiness to this story that you find yourself giggling as well as rolling your eyes right along with Gianna as she conducts her investigation while trying not to run afoul of the local police. The red herrings do a great job keeping you guessing; they had me looking one way while the murderer was going another.

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