"Antique Tragedy" By Victoria Tait: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Life’s Second Act Can be Murder

Dotty Sayers has taken control of her life as a young widow. She left her late husband’s military community behind, declined her parent’s invitation to return home, and after a “right place, right time, dead body” fiasco, finding employment with Akeman’s Antiques. After a year, she’s become an integral member of the staff, taking seriously her education on antiques and responsibilities for evaluations, acquisitions, and setting up monthly auctions. She’s meeting fascinating experts, gaining good contacts, and making delightful friends who are more than supportive of her educational pursuits. Regrettably, the good can’t be good unless compared to the bad … and Dotty has had some bad. A few murders have put her in personal peril, despite helping to solve them. Along the way, with her friend Sergeant Keya Varma, she’s found more insights into a widespread, very successful, theft and forgery ring, and recently someone she considered a mentor and friend was arrested. But, can an amateur detective like Dotty uncover the ringleaders? Or will she find herself entangled in the mess with no way out?

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Antique Tragedy
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It’s back to work, and Dotty has been taken under everyone’s wing. She, first, joins one of Akeman’s own David Rook, often a private consultant on antiquities for the British Museum, as he validates Customs and Excise’s order to confiscate recent priceless, and undoubtedly stolen, artifacts. Then, the two are off to an antique faire in Bath for some exploring. It’s all fascinating from an educational perspective, and with Aunt Beanie and her Keya’s involvement, Dotty also gets insights into Gloucestershire’s Rural Heritage and Wildlife Unit whose investigation is uncovering more about the dark side of the antique’s trade. Dotty, with Keya in plain clothes so as not to draw attention, plans to explore the antique fair at the Charbury Castle Hotel. Another notch in Dotty’s education that includes witnessing more collusion between buyers and sellers, creative business practices, and eavesdropping ‘bout the plight of “Roger,” a local dealer of questionable repute. However, the bigger issue, and an experience which Dotty prefers to avoid, is “Roger” found dead! But, a murder or two or a few missing items may end up being the least of Dotty’s worries.

SOLD! [Gavel banged.] Victoria Tait has once again captured the top of my “best read” list with the fifth addition to her Dotty Sayer Antique Mystery series. Another engaging tale of murder along with fascinated details on antiques, tricks of the trade, and law enforcement engagement along with a diverse, multi-generational cast of characters and continued revelations on an underlying mystery. The first crime had personal and professional motives to explore from a disgruntled wife and girlfriend to scruples-challenged sellers and threatening buyers along with the victim’s own long list of victims of his own business practices. Efforts to narrow down the suspect list is not an easy task, but each page leads to another twist, another obstacle, another dead body, another shocking cliffhanger, and another “couldn’t put down” experience. I loved it!

This fifth book is the perfect length to fill in those wintery nights. Victoria weaves around the intriguing murder mystery, thefts, cons, and conspiracies with delightful life in the Cotswolds from Sunday lunches to afternoon tea at the cookery school, from managing Dotty’s British Blue cat Earl Grey’s increasing weight to managing the heartbreak of a love one’s dementia. She adds foodie talk, characters reflecting on their hopes and dreams, meeting new people, and getting entangled in lots of complaints. It’s all entertaining and so full with realism you almost feel a part of the drama. All the talk about bacon sandwiches had me going out to pick up bacon, making my own, and washing it down with a cup of breakfast tea.

Of course, for me, the theme is an important element whether it is a career, culinary pursuits, or crafting. Victoria Tait intersperses discussions about various antiques or collectibles, the illegal antiques trade, movement of antiquities into private collections, and how authorities are often lucky to intercept such priceless objects. Victoria Tait’s research is obviously on display, and offers the start of another debate perfect for a rousing book club discussion. Who has a better claim to recovered artifacts? The country who used their own resources to retrieve the stolen items or the country from which the items were stolen. Excellent!

Preorder Alert! Rumored the final book in the series, the next Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery book, Priceless Betrayal, is on Amazon PreorderHERE set for a late March release. “Trainee antique expert, Dotty Sayers, knows she’s in trouble when a dead body disappears. She’s relieved to hear the victim is alive, but her confusion turns to alarm when she finds him dead, again.”

Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery

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A military wife herself, and having been stationed all over the world, Victoria Tait brings a unique perspective to her work. In her Kenya Kanga Mystery series, a top 2021 favorite, she uses her experience with living in Kenya and interest in the flora and fauna to create an exciting cozy series with paraprofessional veterinarian “Mama Rose” Hardie, who gets entangled with conservation as well as many suspicious deaths. Check out Amazon for the complete Kenya Kanga Mystery series.

The best place to find Victoria Tait and learn more about her and her books is through social media. Sign up for her newsletter on her website, and if you join the mailing list, you can download the prequel, “Hour is Come,” for FREE.

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