"Death of a Soprano" By Nupur Tustin: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Murder in the Key of E-ngaging!

Kapellmeister Joseph Haydn is to conduct the music during a reception in honor of the impending nuptials between the Archduke Ferdinand Karl and his bride Maria Beatrice D’Este. It is imperative the Archduke make a good impression with his future wife, as she had already warned her future mother-in-law, Empress Maria Theresa, that if she was displeased with her future husband, she’d be off to a nunnery, and then, Ferdinand himself would be tied to the church. The bride’s father, Duke of Modena, added to the difficulties by abandoning his wife and bringing instead his mistress, Chiara, a once famed opera singer. 

Opera singers. Haydn worried about the change in the Archduke’s attitude toward the English soprano Signora Lucia Pacelli, even Haydn is taken aback by the prima donna when she greets him inappropriately as “Joseph.” Lucia herself was not happy to have Narcissa Leon, her professional rival, sing at the initial meeting between the betrothed, but is jealousy the reason Lucia collapses and dies? What about the threatening letter found by a servant? Will the total wedding be doomed to fail?

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Death of a Soprano
Earns 5+/5 Deadly Arias … Intriguing Excitement!

It is a challenge to write a fictional story with so many historical figures and not step on the toes of those nonfiction purists, but Nupur Tustin has done well with the fifth book in her Joseph Haydn Mystery series portraying these figures as realistically as she can without turning her mystery into a textbook. At the beginning, she included A Note on the Nobility providing a short primer to explain some connections, background, and key attributes of those historical figures, so for those starting the series with this book need not worry, the large cast of characters are easy to follow, but some of the previous experiences do address relationships. 

Be sure to read the Author’s Note: The Soprano Who Died at the end of the book which provides insight into the coincidental inspiration for her murder mystery. The eighteenth-century setting is well described with its class structure, extravagances, limitations, and varied obligations and with characters from an entitled royalty and theater community to a working class, then add a tale of deceit and greed, court intrigue and scandal, and secrets and surprises brilliantly woven together for a “couldn’t put down” experience worthy of a nomination to my best of 2023.

Death of a Soprano began with more than a few characters in need of karmic intervention, and although one’s class may be a shield to some and an obstacle to others, well-deserved comeuppances are always possible. The Habsburg court has its own engaging drama and family dynamic with conflicts and alliances, the theatre scene, of which the ill-fated “soprano” is a part, is filled with egos, ambitions, and treachery, and the servant class, who are often inconspicuous, find themselves with a dilemma when they overhear or discovery something, like a threatening letter, which is hard to ignore or easy to exploit. The journey had a very enjoyable complexity and complicated by some red herring twists and moments of peril, but the final suspect and motive exposed with a clever scheme was exciting. Haydn is unique in that he can freely float in and out of the various social classes adding realism to his inquiry and issues with whom he places his loyalty. It’s an exciting mystery, melding elements of non-fiction with the fiction, that no one one should miss!

Joseph Haydn Mystery

A Minor Deception (2016)

Aria to Death (2017)

Prussian Counterpoint (2019)

Murder Backstage (2022) Review HERE

Death of a Soprano (2023)

Nupur Tustin recently released this short story, The Pompadour Necklace, with a contemporary London setting, a determined young female, intriguing mission, and a surprise result. This is well-worth the time, however short. There’s even a hint that this just might be the beginning of a novella-style series. Check it out hereon Amazon!

The Pompadour Necklace Earns 5/5 Covert Missions … Clever & Well-Written!

Sophie is trying to blend in on the Eurostar making the Chunnel run from Calais to London as she tails her target. Headlines reported on the theft of the famed diamond and emerald necklace once property of the notorious Madame Pompadour, mistress to Louis XV, and the current heir of the necklace, Jeanne Poisson, is sure the thief is her fiancé, Paul Taurus. Sophie has a clear mission to retrieve the priceless item, but is there a hidden agenda?

This short story by Nurpur Tustin is not short on entertainment with its intriguing mystery, clever details, hinted motives, a realistic journey for our protagonist to follow, experienced support, annoyances, and an exciting, surprise conclusion. The narrative is not overly descriptive keeping to the drama, but includes some interesting tidbits about London sites, and the mood from apprehension to determination to triumph is painted well. There’s also a hint that there is more of Sophie’s story to come as she’s proved herself a successful investigator. I am a fan of chapter titles, and seeing a character with a questionable respectability with my maiden name was not planned, but great fun! 

Be a Big Fan of Nupur Tustin!

“Author, composer, painter, and homeschooling mom” along with a PhD in Communications seem the perfect skill set for Nupur Tustin to pen two exciting mystery series. Employing some engaging literary license she wrote the Joseph Haydn Mysteries, an historical mystery putting Austrian composer Joseph Haydn in the role of an amateur sleuth, and also wrote a compelling thriller Celine Skye Psychic Mystery series.

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