"Tutus, Fries & Dead Guys" By Jennifer Fischetto: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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I See Dead Guys and…Gals!

Gianna Mancini had an unfortunate childhood accident resulting in a “one minute and thirty-two second” near-death experience, but the most disturbing was discovering she could see, hear, and talk to the dead. She chose to share her “special gift” with family, of course, and, recently, with her beau Julian Reed, and over the years a few more are now in the know. She learned the hard way that keeping ghostly interactions private is a near impossibility since the ghosts, always victims of murder, are pushy about getting answers, pop in and out indiscriminately, and with impaired memories, they are unreliable. Gianna has had success finding the killer, but not at avoiding situations that potentially would put her on the ghostly side of life. Yet, it always ends in a heartfelt thank you and goodbye as the ghost crosses over through her parent’s deli freezer. She never knows when the next incident will occur, but it never turns out to be convenient.

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Tutus, Fries & Dead Guys
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“Mirror, Mirror on the wall…” Gianna’s fifteen-year-old niece is taking dance lessons at Toni’s Steps dance studio, but it isn’t for the love of dance; it’s more about the dance student Mischa Petrova-Ford, son of the top dance teacher Nadia Petrova. Like mother, like daughter…Izzy, too, took dance lessons when she was young, so she understands that the competitive nature of any dance community can be fierce: dancers vs dancers, moms vs moms, moms vs teachers. With a new competition coming up, the name of the solo dancer is anticipated, but the girl chosen is not what was expected…”What the he…!” yells one mother whose daughter had always been the solo choice. “Danica gets this part or else.”

Demands. Threats. Murder? Giana returning to the dance studio to find her missing phone, but instead discovers shattered glass and Nadia dead on the floor. Her ability to see, hear, and talk to ghosts is challenged since there’s no ghost in sight. “Hey, are those my fries?” Giana’s glimpses Nadia’s ghostly image appearing in the studio mirror, her rear view mirror, and the bathroom mirror, and it seems she’s now visible to more than herself.

Brilliant! Jennifer Fischetto has spun an entertaining tale for the eighth book in the Gianna Mancini Mystery series with a little twist in the ghost whisperer mythology. A ghost sighting is a challenge for Gianna at the best of times, but having Nadia’s ghostly image available to others is a different dilemma. Friends and family get an up close and personal experience, and with it, a bit of empathy for Gianna’s gift. Gianna’s brother is the lead detective on the case, and he’s aware of how much Gianna’s gift has been helpful in the past, and although he doesn’t actually enlist her help, he doesn’t say “No.” That’s as good as a “Yes!” for Gianna. The investigation exposes fascinating elements like teenage angsts, jealousies, creative differences, and stage mom-sters, and with an additional homicide to muddy the waters, the finally curtain on this performance has a surprise MO, a bit of extra peril, and a satisfying arrest! Loved it!

It’s not all murder and ghosts! Jennifer Fischetto’s writing is very enjoyable with a touch of humor that will kept me swiping the pages. It’s filled with descriptive language for the setting, characters, and emotions, fun banter helping to illustrate the diverse, multi-generational personalities, and realistic characters and interactions with which readers can identify from protective mothers, tight siblings, and romantic partners. The mystery was clever and engaging, and the paranormal element is treated realistically, no juvenile hocus-pocus. In the end, it’s the characters that keep me coming back for more.

A Gianna Mancini Mystery

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