"Priceless Betrayal" By Victoria Tait: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Life’s Second Act Can be Murder

It’s been a year since the “right place, right time, dead body” fiasco secured Dotty Sayers a position at Akeman’s Antiques and Auction House. It was the perfect opportunity to break free of her post-widow cocoon after the death of her military husband. Now, she’s building her confidence, pursuing an education, taking on additional work responsibilities, and earning the respect of her co-workers and friends. However, Dotty has discovered that the antique community has a darker side; one tainted by forgeries, theft, and murder. She’s found herself adept at solving a few of these darker situations with the help of her friend Sergeant Keya Varma, but the tables have been turned on Dotty. Can she survive the accusation she’s gone to the dark side? 

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Priceless Betrayal
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Dotty was very familiar with Chief Inspector Ringrose and his work with the Rural, Heritage, and Wildlife Unit, but being on the wrong side of a joint interrogation with Sergeant Nick Unwin was a scary experience. The trip to Istanbul was suppose to be a luxury excursion to explore the international antique fair, but instead, she’s being accused of trying to smuggle out of the country a valuable, yet stolen, antique; the one found in her suitcase, in a private plane, set to depart England. These people knew her, worked with her, and believed her an honest person — until now. Then one crime begets another, then another, then the dead body of the missing ground crew member washes ashore.

The authorities had nothing concrete on which to arrest Dotty, so she took her leave, and having recuperated with her friends, PC Ryan Jenkins and Sergeant Keya Varma, and a hot sweet tea, she decides to complete the errand David Rook requested of her: pick up a painting at Sir Reginald Spencer’s Barton Manor and return to Akeman’s. Arriving at the estate, she finds it eerily quiet, the front door unlocked, and Sir Reginald’s priceless painting nowhere to be found. She enters and starts to search the rooms coming upon the library in which she finds what could be the painting wrapped up and leaning against some bookshelves, but she also finds Tariq Kazem, the man she met through her friend David Rook, the man joining them on the trip to Istanbul, and now, the man lifeless in the chair. She calls Ryan, and he, as well as Sergeant Unwin, arrive at the scene. But, upon inspection, Ryan finds no dead body, no body at all, and no painting either. Dotty is arrested for the theft. Can it get any worse? Yes!

Brilliant! Victoria Tait’s sixth book in her Dotty Sayers Mystery is the best of the lot with the intensity of Dotty being the prime, if only, suspect in a series of thefts, smuggling, and murder. We know Dotty is innocent, so this forces a closer scrutiny of everyone in the community to uncover who has the means to spearhead such a criminal enterprise, and most compelling is that everyone seems to have the opportunity and some are very close to the action. The series is outstanding, clever, and although each book has a crime or two with a solution, there’s a storyline that runs thru them all: crimes are linked, characters show their true colors, and hidden agendas are revealed.

In this sixth book, “Betrayal” is an underlying, if not overt, theme and, of course, cleverly depicted in many ways from the priceless painting everyone was eager to find to professional associates, even law enforcement and some called friends were caught in moments that betray their true motives, hidden agendas, and inner feelings. Dotty’s arrest for murder is a serious complication ramping up the complexity, and the investigation is primarily done by her friends who find the obstacles to prove her innocence insurmountable. Tait included information about the looting of Baghdad and various efforts to retrieve these treasures as part of the background along with depicting the police station protocols and forensic techniques creating the realism I crave in my cozies.

I love the varied personalities and multigenerational characters from kind and helpful to secretive and devious, but it’s the latter that isn’t as easy to spot, even the police in charge we’re awfully suspicious. Sergeant Nick Unwin was a great candidate for a more intimate relationship with Dotty, but something changed and his ambition caused him to take credit for closing a recent high-profile theft and a murder that in reality had been solved by Dotty. And his inability to trust the woman with whom he’s worked closely was disconcerting. Although the major issues are wrapped up neatly with criminal charges, some stories, including Dotty’s, are not complete, and I am looking forward to it.

Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery

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A military wife herself, and having been stationed all over the world, Victoria Tait brings a unique perspective to her work. In her Kenya Kanga Mystery series, a top 2021 favorite, she uses her experience with living in Kenya and interest in the flora and fauna to create an exciting cozy series with paraprofessional veterinarian “Mama Rose” Hardie, who gets entangled with conservation as well as many suspicious deaths. Checkout Amazon for the complete Kenya Kanga Mystery series.

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  1. My mother was a hoarder. After she passed and
    we had to clean out the house, my husband and son
    wanted to throw everything away. I convinced them
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    raised from the selling of this "jungue". After that,
    they were more into antiques. Print copy, please.
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  2. I have a genie lamp that I cherish. I don't know if it's worth much, but I really like it.

  3. My husband and I would find abandoned houses down dirt roads in rural Kansas. We found some amazing things. One was an old bible with a metal cover! Neither of us had ever seen a bible with a metal cover. The inscription inside was to Dan something on April 14, 1898! We were both surprised at that date!

    I would prefer a print copy, thank you very much!

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  10. What a nail biting edge of the chair book. I just love all of Victoria's books. They always keep you guessing as to whom is the actual culprit. I would never have thought that it was that person. wow

  11. My sister collected antique furniture which I inherited when she passed away years ago. I also have postcards that my grandparents sent each other before they married dated around 1900.

  12. Love your reviews. So well-written, yet no spoilers lol I need to learn from you! Thank you!


  13. New series for me, sounds good! tWarner419@aol.com

  14. I have an antique roll-top desk that I remember being in my grandparents basement and I said that I wanted it. It moved to my apartment, then our first house. Upon moving it to our 2nd house, it was either going to the trash or being refinished. We had it and a desk chair refinished and it turned out amazing. The refinisher said that he could have sold it a few times!

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  17. I have my grandfather's bible from his childhood. 1927, and parts of Song of Solomon highlighted! LOL. The story someone told is that he would help with the bellows for the organ and he and his friend would read racy passages between hymns.

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