"Champagne, Sunrise, & Dead Guys" By Jennifer Fischetto: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Kathleen Costa

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I See Dead Guys and…Gals!

An unfortunate childhood accident resulted in a “one minute and thirty-two second” near-death experience for Gianna Mancini, and later, she was shocked to find she was able to see, hear, and talk to the dead. Over the years, she’s become more adept shielding these ghostly interactions from public view, sometimes with her family’s help and those whom she’s taken into her confidence. The biggest challenge is these ghosts are victims of murder and expect Gianna to discover how they got into their afterlife predicament. Despite being pushy about getting answers, popping in and out indiscriminately, their impaired memories of the incident make them unreliable. Gianna has been very successful finding the killer, avoiding situations that potentially would put her on the ghostly side of life, and her reward is a heartfelt thank you and goodbye as the ghost crosses over through her parent’s deli freezer. She never knows when the next incident will occur, but it never turns out to be convenient.

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Champagne, Sunrise, & Dead Guys
Earns 5/5 Three-Inch Heels … Engaging Fun!

It was an unwelcome surprise to be woken up, then driven to the beach to witness the colorful sunrise, but it immediately turned to one of those forever family tales when Gianna’s beau Julian Reed knelt in front of her with a ring and a “will you?” request. To celebrate Gianni’s “yes” response and announce the engagement to the family, Julian arranged for everyone to meet at The Epicurean, an upscale restaurant. Despite the three-inch heels Gianna chose to wear, the evening was special, everyone was excited, and the restaurant owner comped the champagne. Gianna recognizes Roberto Castillo, introduced as the owner and head chef, as the man she saw earlier arguing with a smartly dressed woman. Julian explains she was Tamara Evans, food critic and Roberto’s ex-wife, a double whammy to instigate a conflict … or murder! Gianna goes to the restroom and finds the body of Tamara in the next stall, and with a burst of shimmering light, her ghost hovering above.

“I do!” Believe in Spooks! Jennifer Fischetto’s newest book in Gianna Mancini Mystery series has another ghost hounding Gianna for answers, but an added drama point is whether her fiancé is acting as a “fixer” for a possible prime suspect. Julian and Gianna have similar “fixing” jobs, but each with different outcomes; Julian covers up and Giana uncovers. The victim is able to shed some light on possible motives for her murder with an ex-husband, money conflicts, a broken affair, and her negative reviews causing negative feelings becoming avenues for Gianna to explore, but then Gianna’s cousin, Claudia, enters with her own hidden agenda and emotional dilemma. This is very disconcerting, but deliciously entertaining, sending the investigation closer to home! This ninth book brings up different marital conditions causing newly engaged Gianna angst and questioning her future with Julian. There’s her parents excellent example of marital bliss and her own sister’s rocky start, but final blissful family unit to her cousin’s contentious separation, resorting to stalking, and the victim’s divorce that may be a motive for murder. Filled with secrets and subterfuge, ghosts and gangs, mayhem and murder, this was an exciting and engaging read!

Jennifer’s writing style is one I enjoy with descriptive language to the illustrate well the environment and diverse characters, and the banter fits a wide range of multigenerational personalities. Gianna has evolved well dealing with the different ghosts, taking the mysteries seriously, and honing a successful skill set to find answers, but this time she entertained the idea of just sending the victim’s ghost on her way … is it ghost burn out? But, family trumps it all, and with a close family dynamic, she’s once again compelled, intrigued, and surprised to be asked to join her cop/brother Enzo in the investigation to learn the truth. The idea of a “fixer” was a unique element, and the idea “fixing” may go beyond just an inner circle added a dramatic obstacle. Strong family connections define this series, and with that Gianna manages to be true to her family ideals of fairness. Well-written fun! Perilous problems! Good ghost fun!

A Gianna Mancini [& Dead Guys] Mystery

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USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Fischetto pens the delightful Gianna Mancini Mysteries with an “I see dead people” twist. She also co-writes the model turned private investigator series, Jamie Bond Mysteries, with Gemma Halliday. She also penned Death by Scones in the GHP Danger Cove multi-author series starring Riley Spencer, new owner of Cinnamon Sugar Bakery. All are entertaining, clever with a strong female lead. A cozy for everyone’s taste.

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